Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A different life

I watched a documentary with my Mum the other day. It was great, an hour long and almost entirely in French.

Mum doesn't speak any French, the only word she understood was Bochimans (Bushmen). I tried to learn French six years ago, so I understood a random word here and there. Not that being able to understand "three giraffes" while there are three giraffes on the screen and someone pointing at them makes that much of a difference.

So we didn't really understand what was being said, but we loved it nevertheless. It was the documentary about Tippi Degré and her childhood in Namibia. She was born there to a French couple of wildlife photographers and lived there among wild animals. Needless to say that I see it as a pretty awesome childhood and that I'm horribly jealous. I can't really complain about my childhood, but I didn't have an elephant to ride or a giant bullfrog to snug. And trust me, normal frogs are not as snuggable (let's pretend that snuggable is an actual word) and are way too easy to squish.

Frogs definitely should be harder to squish.

Anyways, Mum suggested that not all is lost yet. I could always move to Africa and raise a child there. While this sounds like a brilliant idea (doesn't it? doesn't it?) I think I might struggle to convince my partner just how awesome it would be. I mean, if I said we should have a baby or that we should move to Africa he would probably think that this is still within the levels of my inherent madness, even if it's more extreme than normal. But I fear that let's have a baby in Africa might be a little bit too much, even for him.