Friday, 28 February 2014

February's firsts

So as predicted I'm failing just a little bit at this whole blogging thing. I have LOADS of ideas late at night, at that moment when you are not quite sure whether you are still awake or already dreaming. The thoughts are flowing and dripping with eloquence and awesomeness. And then...

...then it's morning again and I don't remember what my half-conscious mind was crafting. I mean, it was something about the importance of toads. Or maybe it was impertinence of toasts? Who knows.

But what I can write about is the February's firsts, as there were a few, some cooler than others.

In no particular order.

1. I had a burrito. A proper one, stuffed with rice and everything. And, more importantly, I actually ate it in public and without making a mess (!!!). I was pretty damn proud of myself. A day when I don't make a spectacle of myself in a restaurant in front of most of my colleagues is always a good day.

2. This one is not a true first, but I'm happy about it anyway. I read a book this month. A whole, non-academic, non-scientific, non-biological book in one month! I finished "Life, the Universe and Everything" and then read the entire "So long, and thanks for all the fish" too. If I could read one book per month I would be very very pleased with myself. I guess that technically I read two this year, so I'm averaging one per month so far. Score.

3.  Subway. The sandwich, not the rail system. I've been to Subway before, but I tend to avoid buying food while on town... What a mistake! That sandwich had everything and more and was yummy. True, everything included jalapenos, which I needed to dig out from in between all the salad, but still, it was a rather pleasant experience (eating the sandwich, not digging jalapeno pieces out).

4. The above was also during my first visit to Leeds. It's quite a nice town.
5. PhDs. The application process, PI interviews, funding interviews, departmental visits... And offers. I really wanted this sorted by the end of February. And I did it. I did it. Somehow... How did I do it? Sometimes life is confusing, but also kind of awesome.

6. I finally made it to Scotland and it's lovely up there! I think I'll really enjoy exploring the north :]