Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I hoped to have at least one proper post up here by now. That hasn't happened.

It hasn't happened because I decided to buy a graphics tablet before I start blogging. I was about to buy one off Amazon last week when a random clicking through sites led me to a land of Low Prices. The prices were a lot lower than on Amazon and, the poor student that I am, I decided to buy the tablet from the magical Low Prices land.

After initial troubles, error pages and a few emails to ensure my payment was received I managed to place an order and decided to give it some time to sort itself out, as I imagine even computerised-order-systems have the right to take a day off during a long bank holiday weekend. I waited till Tuesday morning and then climbed up onto my chair and switched my laptop on. I waited for it to boot.

Yes, this is the way I sit on a chair.

I got rather excited when my mail program updated and made the familiar PING! I got even more excited when I noticed that one of the emails I received is indeed from the Low Prices land.

I hoped my tablet has been dispatched and is on its way. I would have it soon. I would have it soon and could start drawing all the awesome pictures bashing against the walls of my skull. It was going to be truly awesome and everyone would love it... 

Then I read the email. It wasn't an order dispatch, it wasn't even an order confirmation. It was a question regarding my order and a stupid one at that, as I already provided those details earlier.

That meant a delay. My tablet is not on its way, it's still stuck somewhere in a horrible and dark warehouse, all by itself, wondering whether it's ever going to find a new home. I was disappointed, but answered quickly to ensure that the order gets processed asap. I sat back, but promptly received another email with a new question. I answered the email. They couldn't open the pdf file I sent and so emailed me again. Then told me to email another person. I emailed that person and explained the whole situation the best I could. They had questions though. I answered. They directed me to someone else. Who had questions and wanted the files. Then couldn't open them. I sent info in a different format. They had questions...

I tried to be understanding and stay calm, but with each PING! something in me rattled. Maybe those were all the awesome pictures increasing their against-skull-bashing rate and desperately trying to get out. Maybe it was the realisation that the poor little tablet would have to be lonely and scared in the horrible dark warehouse a lot longer than I anticipated. Maybe I just got conditioned against the PING! sound and associated it with problems leading to unpleasant delay. I'm not entirely sure. All I know is that with the last PING! I suddenly had enough. 

The frustration erupted in an aggressive, although short-lived fit. I growled at the laptop waiving my arms at it, as if it could solve all the problems and stop the PING!-ing. It didn't. The fit was quickly over though and after answering the last email I received a confirmation that everything should be in order now, they have all the information they need and will proceed to process the order for me.

So hopefully I will have my lovely tablet in a week and can actually make a proper start here, drawing some slightly more impressive pictures than the ones above. I just hope that the tablet will make it out of the horrible warehouse without any serious psychological damage caused by the prolonged wait. Psychologically damaged tablet + contents of my skull might be too much for an average reader.