Friday, 31 May 2013

It's here! It's here!

I was chatting with my brother when I heard some really loud and urgent banging on the door. I run downstairs convinced that someone is chased by a whole bunch of hungry zombies: tired from all the running away, they (the victim-to-be, not the zombies) are desperately trying to take refuge in my house.

Ok, I can't really draw zombies. Yet.

I got to the door and opened it, ready to fight off any zombies that might be getting too close. All the kitchen utensils are by the back door, so I was sure I could grab a can opener or spatula if needed.

Zombie spatula

But there were no zombies, there was only a grumpy old guy there. As soon as I opened the door he put a sizable box next to my feet and instructed me to sign for it. I signed quickly and shut the door, just in case the zombies were around the corner.

I picked up the parcel and looked at it. It was for me. For ME. It could only be one thing. It's here, I thought, feeling a bubble of excitement appear in my stomach. I run upstairs and started clawing at the box. It felt like Christmas Day.

The box was sealed pretty well with lots and lots of tape. I clawed some more. I tried pulling. Then pulling and clawing simultaneously. Then I remembered that Egyptians invented scissors and that I own a pair. I found the scissors but couldn't really use them properly - I was getting too excited and needed both my hands to operate the scissors. I finally got into the box and inside...

...there was another box.

I took it out and tried to slow down my breathing, as it was getting out of control. I felt very excited and a little lost. For a moment I didn't know what to do, but then I peaked into the box and inside...

...there was another box.

It was all too much for my little head. The excitement bubble was growing and squishing my organs more with each passing second. I was so excited that I felt confused: what the hell is going on with me? Any more excitement and I was going to hyperventilate and have a panic attack.

I gave myself time out: left the third box unopened and went downstairs to get some food. I figured that putting some food on the excitement might help to control it. Either that, or I will just choke on the pasta bake and end this ridiculousness for good. Win-win.

Eating helped a bit. I could return and face the third box and anything it might contain (although I prayed silently for no more boxes).

I opened it and inside...

...was my new shiny graphics tablet.

The excitement bubble growled under the pasta bake, but I shushed it and relatively calmly unwrapped the rest of the contents. It's here.

End Notes:
1. I can't draw zombies. I'm not sure why I did, but I did, so here they are.

2. I don't normally get this excited, I think it must have been a mix of post-exam stress, hunger and delay-frustration. With a tint of excitement.

3. I spent that day drawing lots of random things just to get a feel for the tablet, as I've never used one before - turns out it's quite tricky and it will take a little while to get used to. I need to sort out my computer and some drawing programs. I hope that things will get better and easier over time. For now I'm just playing around. Sorry if it's not up to your standards. But then again, if you got through all of the above nonsense and you are reading this - then maybe it will be fine.

4. I wanted the drawings to be in colour, but I quite like the sketches... What do you think? I think I'll pick one style and be vaguely consistent in the future. Might take a while though.