Sunday, 2 June 2013


I've been ill, so not really getting anything done. Couldn't even deal with drawing, as brain decided that focusing on continuous breathing is all it can handle. I didn't want to argue with it too much.

I got a few random things done. Here:

This is Dragon. It's a sad dragon. Or maybe it's just a stupid one - it inhaled too much smoke and now it's choking on it. Eyes watering, cursing its own stupidity.

This is Fluffy. It likes long walks on the beach at sunset, but doesn't like getting wet or the taste of ketchup. It prefers garlic sauce on its pizza.

This is Grass, Tree and Bunny. They were an attempt at learning some of the tools and unfortunately do not have a cool story. They are pretty sad about it, but life is unfair and they'll have to get over it.