Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Throughout school I was made to draw humans. I hated it. None of my humans looked, well, human. They resembled very deformed, humanoid-like creatures. Sometimes they looked almost human, maybe like some poor diseased alien who came to visit the Earth and tried to blend in, but failed miserably - with one eye bigger than the other and a comically crooked nose. Sometimes the drawings were almost Picasso-like, but not in a good way... Who knows, maybe I'm just REALLY ahead of my time. Fingers crossed my childhood creations are going to be re-discovered one day, almost like Mendelian genetics, and they will change the way people look at the world. It will most likely be after the Earth has been taken over by poorly-blending-in aliens. The world will be convinced I predicted the whole thing. They will put my name in the history books and the human survivors will tell tales of my wisdom to children...

...or not.

Anyway. This is my attempt at a portrait. I'm pretty pleased, it's light years ahead of any of my other attempts. I think it actually looks human. Or maybe it doesn't, but I've been looking at it for too long. It definitely could be better, but to be honest I'm not the most patient person in the world and so I'm giving up.

If you click it, it should go bigger. Can you tell who it is? You get a free hug if you can. Oh, also I think all my paintings look better if you stand further away from the monitor... Ekhm.

Technical note: This is mostly oils. I discovered for certain effects other tools and brushes are waaay easier to use, so I used whatever. For example the background is painted using watercolour brushes.